Different Kinds of Australian Slots

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In the casino world, slot machines are by far, the biggest draw to players. They take up little space and make the casinos boat loads of money with little investment and work. Online casinos have hundreds of them to choose from and continuously add new Aussie slots to their library on regular basis.

If you’re new to online gambling and online slots, it can be a bit difficult to decide which slot to play. You have so many options, that the task at hand can be overwhelming. Having all these choices is definitely a good thing though. We love options and the more we have, the better off we are.

This article will hopefully serve as your guide to australian online slots and Australian slots in general. It will cover all types of slots that you will find online and what they entail. By the end of reading this, you will know exactly what kind of Aussieslots there are and which one will suit you the best.

Classic Slots

Let’s start with the oldest and easiest style of slots you will find.The classic slot is nothing fancy, but serves you well. It’s very simple to play and offers those who choose to play them, a nice mix of simplicity and rewards.

The classic Australian slot will usually have 3 or 5 reels with anywhere from 1 to 20 pay lines. You will find some with more, but it’s rare to find one with more than 20 pay lines. They feature generic symbols like fruit, jewels or some other non-descript character that appeals to a mass audience. They do tend have decent graphics and the sound effects are good as well. The only thing lacking is a type of bonus round or interactive feature. They are about as straightforward as you get and can be considered a bare bones slot machine. You can find them in just about any online casino that offers slots.

Progressive Slots

The progressive slot is a major hit online. This is due to its large jackpot that lets players win millions of dollars on one spin. The chances of winning this large prize may be slim, but all you need is a chance right? The progressive jackpot will go up every second and is compiled from people who are playing the same slot as you. Every time someone puts money into one of these slots, the pool goes up. It isn’t until someone hits at random, that it will reset and then start to build back up again.

Some jackpots will be large, but others may be smaller. The smaller tend to hit more often, but obviously don’t pay as much. The larger ones will take some time before someone is lucky enough to win, but it’s exciting and the anticipation you experience during each spin is worth going for it.

Themed slots

The Australian themed slot is a popular one and fun at that. They feature many of the movie characters and pop culture icons that we see in today’s marketplace.

Some of the more famous ones are:

  • The Hulk
  • Spiderman
  • Batman
  • X-Men


While the super hero genre seems to fill this this void, you will also find other themed slots like monopoly, Pink Panther and even Elvis.

As you play these themed slots, you get to experience different parts of that specific theme. For instance, you may see clips from the latest Spiderman movie each time you hit a winning combination. It certainly makes for an entertaining time while playing.

Mobile Slots

For those looking for something different or just something you can play on the go, mobile slots offer up some fast paced easy to play gaming. Most Australian slots online can also be found on mobile casinos. These casinos are accessible through a variety of mobile devices for ease of access and compatibility.

The mobile slots are specifically designed for touch screen play in most cases and they work just the same as playing the latest “APP” on your iPhone. Just touch the screen and watch the reels spin away.The makers of these games have the players in mind and they deliver for the most part, with entertaining and big win slots.

Online Slots Tournaments

Although a slot tournament isn’t necessarily a type of slot, it’s worth fitting them in here since they are totally new way to try Aussie online slots. A slot tournament puts you up against other players in a time, or spin based competition. A prize pool is compiled by player entry fees and the one with the most coins at the end wins a bulk of this prize pool.

It’s a great mix of strategy and enjoyment that challenges you in a whole new way. It takes the game of slots that we all love and mixes in the excitement of competition and takes gambling to a whole new level.

Mega Spin slots

The mega spin slot is a unique and exciting one. They feature 2 sets of reels instead of the traditional 1. The main reel is just like your typical online slot and will trigger the 2nd set of reels. When a certain combination is hit, the 2nd reel will activate and usually have some type of wild or bonus feature. You can hit some major wins when the 2nd reel spins and hits the wild symbols.

by Frank Kengu

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