Why You Should Be Playing Australian Pokies Online

Australians are known for many things, their rugby, the outback and of course…Pokies.

Aussies love betting on pokie machines and you can find them just about anywhere. With the internet and its wondrous capabilities, you can now play Australian pokies online. Why should you be playing Australian online pokie? Your about to find out. Sheer volume! If you play pokies ion a pub, your limited to the selction they have, which often times isn’t all that much. It can get boring playing the same ole pokie machine over and over. We’re humans after all, and we crave variety.

With online pokies in Australia, you can play thousands upon thousands of pokies. The choices are almost limitless and if you run out of pokie games to play online, then you’re probably playing them way too much and need to find a different hobby.

Types of Australian pokies online

You know now that you have limitless choices when playing online pokies, but what exactly will you find out there in the vast open world of the internet?

Classic Pokies

The classic pokie is your 3 or 5 reel pokie machine with not much flare. They use classic symbols like fruit and other generic themes. They usually don’t have any type of bonus rounds, free spins or anything to that degree. They are straight forward and easy to play and many people still play them all the time.

Themed Pokies

Your themed pokies are more exciting and have an obvious theme that makes the game play more fun. For instance, you can play anything from Spiderman to Fairy tales, if fairy tales are your cup of tea. Many pokie companies have deals with major movie studios to produce the characters that you see in films today. This makes for a wide selection of amazing pokies that you can play with some awesome action.

Progressive Pokies

The progressive pokie is one of the best and most popular. It’s a regular Australian pokie, but it has one, major difference….a massive jackpot! Certain pokies will have a jackpot that continuously grows with each spin of reels. The jackpots have been known to reach into the multimillion dollar range and a new winner is proclaimed every day.

Bonus Pokies

The bonus pokies are ones that have some type of bonus round, or free spin round. This gives an added element of excitement and fun all with the chance of winning some big cash.The bonus rounds can be interactive and allow you to determine the outcome of the game instead of letting the reels do it for you. This makes for a nice break in the monotonous button pushing of normal pokies.

Other types of Australian Pokes

You will also other types that can range from multi reel pokies with 2 sets of reels and ones that have over 200 pay lines for maximum winnings. Again, the choices are endless.

Play Australian Pokies on the Go!

You can play Australian online pokies just about anywhere you are these days. Do you have a mobile phone that can connect to the internet? If you answered yes, you can play pokies form anywhere in the world. Waiting for a plane, sitting in the doctor’s office, anytime, anywhere, you can access mobile pokies right from your internet capable device.

Play for Free!

Most people have the assumption that you need to play pokies for real money, this isn’t true at all. And, believe it or not, more people play free online pokies than they do for real money. Almost every Australian casino has free money pokies that you can play. You will even find free pokies on certain social sites.

It’s recommended to try out free Australian pokies if you have never played them online before. Get the feel for how they work and all the controls before trying them for real money. The best way to play is for real money after all. There’s nothing more thrilling and exciting than watching the reels match up for that big jackpot score and watching the money in your account just go up and up.


When you play Australian pokies online, you can also enjoy a nice bonus to go along with them. Most casinos will offer up some wild bonuses to attract new customers and you can take advantage of this by playing at as many as you can.

Some online casinos will even give you free spins to try out the game selection. Just sign up and create an account and your awarded a certain amount of time to use the free spins to win as much as you can. Lose, and it’s on the house.

Now you can get to play your favorite pokies, and get some free cash on top of it. It really doesn’t get much better than that. By now, your probably itching to get out there and play some pokies, we can’t blame you. There really isn’t a better option to play Australian pokies than online. You can play them form your home, on the go, choose from thousands of machines and get some free cash all in the process. You shouldn’t need another reason to play pokies.

by Frank Kengu

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